Weekly Updates

Happy Resurrection Day




Thoughts of Praise or Concern




• Special days this week — Birthday: Stacey T. on the 21st.


Anniversaries: Mike & Stacy R. on the 22nd; Sam & Gerry C. on the 24th; Rob & Mel S. in the 25th.




• Thursday night Bible study — Thursday, May 2nd, at 6:30, in the fellowship hall.




• Rain or shine, what a blessing — First Baptist wishes to thank everyone who joined our Easter outreach by delivering doorhangers all over town and beyond, and who passed out individual invitations and brought friends. We’d also like to thank those who prepared for, and who attended our Sonrise Service and breakfast, and this service as well. You all are a blessing to this assembly.




• FBI — Enrollment is now open for new students for Faith Bible Institute. It’s not too late for former students to enroll, there will just be a small late fee. Also, the deadline for the elective “Biblical Leadership” is April 25th. Questions? Call Sheila Drummond.




• Spreading the word at the lake — Pastor Jim and Tammy could really use your  help at Codorus Park this summer, especially on Saturday evenings from 6 to 8. If you could take a weekend or so, it would be a blessing to them and to the visitors at the park. Interested? Talk with Pastor Jim or Tammy or sign up on the sheet in the Lobby.




• Cleanliness is next to... — The month of May is open for church cleaning. If you and/or your family could take the month, it would be a blessing to us. Thanks.


Sermon Notes

See the (Significance)


Luke 24:1-(9)


I. The (Person) Not the Place


  A. Man tends to be (superstitious)


  B. (Jesus) is the One to be worshipped


II. The (Redemption) Not the Cross


  A. (Redemption) was needed


  B. The (cross) was the instrument


  C. Jesus was the (sacrifice)


III. The (Triumph) Not the Tomb


  A. The women went to (anoint) the body


  B. They were (reminded) of Jesus Words


  C. They told others of His (resurrection)


What can we learn?


  A. Know who (Jesus) is


  B. Understand what Jesus did of the (cross)


  C. Tell others that Jesus is (alive)!


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