Weekly Updates

Thoughts of Praise or Concern

• Special days this week —
Birthdays: Pierce on the 10th; Mackenzie and Kevin on the 12th.
Anniversary: Nick & Kristi on the 11th.

• Monthly business meeting — Tonight after evening Bible study. All are welcome.

• Calling all praying ladies — The Women’s Missionary Prayer Group will meet tomorrow at 10:30 am, down in the fellowship hall. All ladies are welcome to join in for prayer, fellowship, and maybe even a treat.

• Sending prayerful greetings — If you would like to send a card to Kristi while she is at Sheppard Pratt, please see Julie for the address and instructions.

• Goonan family news — Connor is back at CHoP for his next round of chemo. Please keep him and his family in prayer that he might come home soon for a break.
   Tim and Becky are grateful for their church family and friends for all the prayers, cards, meals and support they have received. You’ve been a blessing.

• FBI — We are taking applications for the elective class, “The Doctrine of Biblical Prophecy” which starts May 30th, at 9 am or 6 pm. Each class will be about 2 hours, and will run for 6 weeks with the test on the 7th week. The cost is $30 per person, $50 per couple. Anyone interested please contact Sheila. 
   If you want to learn more about FBI, we have a promotional DVD. Just ask Sheila.

Sermon Notes

Jesus is that (Great) Shepherd

Hebrews 13:(20-21)


I. The (Work) of a Shepherd

  A. A shepherd (leads) the sheep

  B. A shepherd (cares) for the sheep

  C. A shepherd (protects) the sheep

II. The Work of (Jesus)

  A. He gave His (life) for the sheep

  B. He (rose) from the dead

  C. He (made) a new covenant

III. A Work of (Grace)

  A. Jesus (wants) to shepherd us

  B. He (works) in us

  C. He (deserves) all the glory

What Can We Learn?

  A. Jesus is that (Great) Shepherd

  B. No one (cares) for you like (Jesus)

  C. Will you let Jesus (work) in your life?

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